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Hi , My name is Cindy Pearce and I have been following the Holistic path of healing for 35 years (as of 2017). I really enjoy working with people and animals and as you already read on the front page, I have many things to offer to so many people, such as Life coaching for both personal and business, Reiki sessions, Shamballa sessions, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Insightful Psychic Readings, Intuitive insight, Cord Cutting, Reiki and Shamballa teacher, and Personal Fitness Trainer.

I have done a lot of studying over the years to help myself with my growth and healing and now l use all my training to help others to transform their lives.


I feel very blessed in my life with all the beauty of friends, family, angels, teachers, and clients that surround me. I have learned many lessons in my life and I know that my journey is to help others in any way that l can. In order to reach that goal, I have worked hard and studied with a lot of different guru’s, mentors and teachers. I plan to never stop learning.

There are so many wonderful things to learn that can help others and ourselves.  I live in Kitchener, Ontario and some of the things I enjoy doing are reading, camping, the beach, being with animals, friends and family, doing stained glass and many other crafts, and I love so many spiritual things.

I have learned a lot about myself by working with Reiki, Shamballa, Sound Therapy, EFT, Fitness, Life coaching and the list goes on and on. We must love ourselves on the inside and let our souls lead us on our path. If we could all accept ourselves for who we are we would be able to accept others for who they are. Loving ourselves is such an awesome experience. It is very freeing, accepting, and just trusting in the universe.

Allow me to help you with your growth for your mind, body, spirit and soul.

 I am very grateful to so many people I have worked with, and to all my teachers and mentors who have helped me on my journey. I am who I am, due to everyone I have had in my life and I am blessed. If I could wish one thing for everyone, it would be that they find the right spiritual path that resonates with them and to find the right therapist/teacher/mentor/friend in this world who can help them with all their inner struggles so they can love, accept and honour themselves. I am here to help you with transforming your life.

Thank you for looking through my website. I hope you find love and peace while reading through these pages. Please enjoy the loving energy you will feel as you browse through my site and be sure to bookmark for future visits.

To contact Cindy: 519-573-4082 or click on the contact button on my site.

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