Insightful Psychic Card Readings

Insightful Psychic Card Readings “Messages from your Angels”

Blessings of love to you.

A little about me:

I have been using my gifts for the past 30 years of my life.

When I do my readings I connect to your Angels and Spirit guides.

Each Reading is done with my tuning in to your energy and allowing the energy channel to be open. Once the universal consciousness has been opened between myself and the person I am reading I then go by my intuitive medium ship/gifts to do the reading. Then l use my Angel cards to hear more messages and to channel their energy into the reading.  I see and hear things from people’s pasts, their futures and the present moment. I also do a lot of Visionary art paintings in my readings as this shows more answers into a person’s life. It is also a wonderful painting to keep when you have more questions and you can ask a question and look at the painting for your answer. For more details about the Visionary art readings please go to the bottom of this page.

I don’t read the text on the cards as all messages are channelled from the Angels.

At any time in the reading you are welcome to ask questions.

Readings are generally used to explain personal characteristics that can offer a deeper insight into your life. These methods help you examine your limitations and clarify what is holding you back from being truly happy in all aspects of your life.

I will give you an open, positive yet compassionate reading. Seeking reassurance with your Relationships, Love, and Finances, Family or Stress management or needing to connect to that special someone who has crossed over to the other side. I specialize in these areas and I’m here to guide you and help you find calm and inner peace.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. Remember I’m here for you and I look forward to reading and guiding you.

Insightful psychic readings are $120 an hour and each session is taped so you can bring the reading home with you.

To contact Cindy: 519-573-4082 or click on the contact button on my site.

Psychic Reading party in your home

Are you looking for a fun way to have a party? Have a psychic party in your home with your friends or family. I have been doing Birthday parties, stags, anniversaries, girl’s night, just because nights and Christmas parties for a number of years. It is a exciting way to have a party. My rates are: $50 for driving to your home unless farther than 30 mins. Each reading can be any length of time starting at 30 mins. in length.

Channelled Visionary Art Readings by Crystalrainbows

Have you had a Visionary Art Reading?

***A Visionary Art Reading will show us your messages in art form. Cindy will translate your visionary reading from your angels and what they are saying to you.***

Please remember that you may not see the same messages as Cindy does in each picture as Cindy is Channelling the messages for you. Each painting has so many different messages in them and is so transforming.

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