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18.) I have known Cindy for almost 2 years. A very analytical skeptic person I was and still am. Over the time I have known Cindy, she has led me on my spiritual path, which probably has proven difficult for her because of my way of thinking and negativity. She has blown my mind with her capabilities to guide me to the light. She has been the voice of my spirit guide, when I am blind to my intuition. Too much to explain, you must go and talk to her. We all have our missions in life, hers is to help you, to keep the light burning bright. S.L.

17.) Dear Cindy,

In the last month I have been in a mode of wonderment and needing validation. I have been experiencing life changing thoughts and worrying about many things.

I called you as you were a stranger and not aware of my thoughts, goals, wants or concerns. I was surprised at all that you picked up from me, all the validations, direction and concerns. You allowed me to comment, question and give confirmation on your findings. You were “dead on”, with my concerns and made me feel justified in my life altering decision…you made me feel, I was right, safe and heading in the right direction and a positive change after making my decision.

You gave me what I needed to hear and I feel powerful and secure in the decisions I made last week.

I feel blessed that we have connected and look forward to future readings from you. I want you to know that you are the biggest part of my life changing decision to give up, move on and do what I need to do and have done.

Cindy, you amazed me and I feel grateful to you for your insight, reading and sensitivity.

I love the fact I have it on CD and can listen to it over and over again….bless you!!!

Thank you,
Jennifer Haines

1.) I started seeing Cindy when I had a tremendous amount of stressors in my life.  I had been attending  traditional counselling, but it didn’t seem to be helping.  I have to admit, I wanted a peak into the future, to see if things were going to get any better…I didn’t think they could get any worse.  I did a search on the internet, and when I came upon Cindy’s site, it just felt right.  I made an appointment, and as soon as I met her, I felt a bond.  Cindy has done so much for me.  She has taught me to control my anxiety, ways to ease stress, the positive effects of journaling, the calming effects of meditating, and even the healing qualities of shedding tears.  She also helped me realise that I was in charge of my own happiness, and that I had to be happy before I could make anyone else happy.  I can’t begin to describe the positive effect she has had on my life.  I participated in Emotional Freedom therapy with Cindy, and I was amazed at the things I needed to let go…and over time, with her help, I did let go.  This is an amazing technique and I highly recommend it. I have had a couple readings with Cindy, and am planning another one soon.  Her readings are amazingly accurate.  I highly recommend that you let Cindy into your life.  She is an amazing person, and an amazing friend.


2) Hi there, I met Cindy approximately 4 years ago. I attended one of her Monday evening meet-up circles and not only did I attend for a year, but Cindy was instrumental in coaching me in how to improve my Reiki business as well.  Her feedback and encouragement was just what I needed as I didn’t have a lot of ideas where to start.  Her many years of running her own successful business provided her with a large circle of contacts, and an incredible amount of confidence to try new things.  Cindy’s life coaching was what I needed to support me through the unknown of starting up my own business.   Blessings, Dee Hughes

3.) I have said that Cindy’s readings are always accurate.  More than that, she has told me about things that I have kept a secret.  I have not told a soul and yet they are disclosed by spirit.  I feel extremely validated. Anne

4.) Dear Cindy,

Hope this e-mail finds you really well. I would like to give a testimonial with regards to the Shamballa 1 course that Rob and I took as follows:

The Shamballa level 1 course that was facilitated by Cindy was outstanding. What we liked about it was the transfer of knowledge from Cindy to us. We learned about the ascension process, the Shamballa Multidimensional Energy Healing System, St, Germain, the violet flame and how to use it, and balancing the chakras. The course also had a practical aspect to it where we got to experience the energy of the violet flame,as well as a time where Cindy attuned us to the Shamballa energy.We were then given the opportunity to give each other a healing session using the Shamballa energy. There was also a time for sharing regarding what we experienced when working on each other. The energy that Cindy is able to channel is pure and comes from a high dimension. It is warm. soothing and peaceful clearing all blockages created from the stressors of everyday life. The Multidimensional Beings do use Cindy as a conduit to make themselves known. We are blessed by you Cindy as a willing channel for this work. It is so needed in our world where we don’t always tune in to these higher energies that bring us such comfort, peace encouragement and hope.

Love & Light,

Rob and Romany

5.)  I have been seeing Cindy going on for two years now primarily for the Life Coach Program she provides. There has been much growth in my life due to the skills of Cindy’s compassionate and empathic listening but also to her truthful push to gently move me forward. Her EFT knowledge has proved to be immeasurable helping to investigate and release old useless feelings just getting in the way of life. Run, do not walk and wait to see Cindy!!  In addition to these many talents, she is an excellent teacher of Reiki and Shamballa.  Cindy gets an 11 out of 10 from me.   P.M.

6.) I have had several shamballa and psychic development classes with Cindy and have found them to be life altering processes! Cindy combines comfort with wisdom, confidence with compassion. I look forward to future classes that help develop my skills to better positively impact my spiritual growth and that of humanity. Thank you Cindy! E.K

7.) After having a pinched nerve in my left shoulder and having gone through medical therapy…I still found myself having constant pain in the left arm and shoulder. Sometimes the pain was disabling enough that my attention span and physical capabilities were extremely minimal. I was beginning to think that I would have to live off of Advil and also have heat rub and heat packs on my shoulder all the time.

One night while on paltalk, which is a live internet chat program, I was blessed to meet crystalrainbows aka Cindy. The subject came up about EFT, as I sat and listened to what appeared to be another one of those “miracle methods” that never work, I found myself laughing and mentioned how I didn’t believe something that simple could help someone like me, with what was considered a medical problem…(Well you know the old saying, doesn’t hurt to try).. so reluctantly I figured what the heck. I had been in enough pain that day, I was willing to give her 10 minutes of my time to see if this was just another one of those things that didn’t work…

You see, that particular evening, the pain was pretty intense and was making me a bit grumpy with a loss of patience….most folks that experience pain for any extended time can understand this I am sure! Anyhow, crystalrainbows briefly explained to me what EFT was, I decided to give it a try because at this point I figured what did I have to lose. She explained that it could be done over the phone, or on the internet, or in person. We proceeded in private chat, with a 10 minute session and to my complete and utter surprise, the pain vanished! Now, keep in mind, the pain leaving did not have anything to do with Advil…I had not had any Advil that day.

I was completely shocked that something so simple could relieve me of pain so fast, that I had been dealing with for weeks. To my surprise, the pain was gone for days…and when it did come back, I re-contacted crystalrainbows and we had another session and this time it stayed gone for weeks. She taught me how to apply this technique for myself, for this particular area and situation of my body, and “when” (which is not often) the pain returns in my left shoulder, I will do the EFT tapping. It has worked every single time for this and I am truly grateful to have met crystalrainbows and that I was introduced to EFT!

I have also been in training for EFT, through CrystalRainbows, so that I may in the future offer this to clients as an alternative. I plan to be certified in EFT in the near future.

I would highly suggest the use and learning of EFT through crystalrainbows to anyone!

Thanks CrystalRainbows and May God Bless your life’s journey!

Sincerely Crystal Visions

–Crystal Visions

8.) I met Cindy through the Meet up website. I had heard of Reiki before but had not experienced it. I now go monthly for a Reiki treatment and it is helping me in a very positive way. I am controlling my breathing better when I get stressed and find it easier to cope in a more positive manner. It helps me to relax and sleep better and de stress easier.

Cindy is very professional, and I would recommend a treatment from her anytime.


9.) Dear Cindy,

I wish I could thank you for introducing me to EFT. What a huge difference it has made in my everyday life! As you know, I have fibromylagia, and there are some days that the pain and the anxiety etc are just so bad.

The use of EFT in my everyday life has eased things so greatly for me, now it is second nature for me to “tap” when I have a problem.

Once I took your EFT course, it became even more integrated into my life. I cannot tell you how much I have learned without it sounding insincere. EFT did for me what specialist after specialist could not do me. It literally gave me back my life, and after 4 years now, I am starting to feel like me again.

Thank you so much for suggesting we try EFT and being there as both a mentor and a friend. I strongly recommend everyone to not only learn EFT, but to learn it and practice it every day.

Love and Blessings, Kathy

10.) “I really enjoyed my hot stone message from Cindy. I could feel my mind and body relax under her skilled hands.”

–Karen Toth “Pilates instructor”

11.) I met Cindy through a co-worker/friend. I had never heard of Reiki before but was very interested. I have had a difficult couple of years and was struggling to get through and clear a path for myself.

When I met Cindy I was immediately at ease with her. She is down to earth, honest and a genuine person so I knew I was in good hands.

The actual Reiki session was nothing I had experienced or expected. It was all good. I slept better. I could think a little clearer. I just felt an overall well being. Each session gets better and better.

Since meeting Cindy I have had a hip replacement and she has helped with that recovery as well. She is truly an amazing person with a wonderful talent.

I look forward to our next session!!

Thanks Cindy Luv Dawn 🙂


12.) I have completed level 1 and level 2 Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healing with Cindy, and I am ever so grateful.  As a store owner and Holistic Health Practitioner, I am very busy and get very little time off.  Cindy was most gracious and accommodating, and able to work with me and around my schedule.  Shamballa – it’s somehow hard to describe, but it has deeply changed my life. It is an energy healing method similar to Reiki, but a different frequency and more intense.  The attunements have been amazing.  I am really pleased with the results. If you are at the point that you want to enhance your Reiki or healing Shamballa is a wonderful way to do that.

 Tracy Bester

Whispering Willows 76 Regina St. N. Waterloo, Ont. N2J 3A5

–Shamballa attunement

Whispering Willows 76 Regina St. N. Waterloo, Ont. N2J 3A5

–Shamballa attunement

13.) Mary was our twelve and a half year old cat, and she had been sick for about a month. She had had so many tests done, but the doctors still couldn’t find out what was wrong with her. On our last visit to the vet, we were referred to a specialist in Toronto, in hopes of, finally, getting a diagnosis. During this time, we also had a Reiki healer working on Mary, but it was long distance, and it didn’t seem to be working. All we knew was that Mary was getting worse! We felt hopeless! So, we decided to look for a Reiki healer, who could come to our house. Cindy was the only one who called us back, and she was able to come the very next day!
 When Cindy came over, we were comfortable with her right away! She took her time to work with Mary. Then, she asked us if we wanted to know the truth. Of course we did! So, she went on to tell us that she felt cancer, as soon as she walked through the door. She also felt that it started in her bones and it had spread throughout the rest of her body. When we asked Cindy if we had to put Mary down, she told us that we would know what to do on Monday, but that she would not make it to the specialist appointment on Wednesday. We were really taken aback, because we knew Mary was getting worse, but we were not expecting her to die. We really thought that whatever was wrong with her could be fixed.
 The next day, we started to doubt Cindy. Since we had only met her once, we decided to take what she said with a grain of salt. But that Sunday night, Mary stopped eating and took a turn for the worse. We knew right then and there that Cindy was right! Because we knew what was going on, we had just enough time to change our schedules, so that we could spend the last precious hours with Mary. We were so grateful!
 Our experience with Cindy was amazing! She really helped us through a difficult time by giving us answers, when no one else could. We highly recommend that anyone who has a pet, to include Reiki as a part of your pet’s regular health check-up.

14.) Hi Cindy,

Thank you for putting on the Psychic Development Class. It has been an amazing journey for me. Every week I’ve experienced so much more clarity than the week before. With your guidance, I’ve been honing and fine-tuning all of my abilities. I know that practice, practice, practice is the most important thing for me to work on right now. I also learned to trust my instincts and go with the first thought or impression no matter how weird or silly it seems.

Last night I cuddled up with my dog. In the middle of the night she started to vibrate-not just twitch but actually vibrate. She vibrated for several long minutes. I knew that she was “travelling”. The cool thing about that is that dogs don’t have books or articles or television shows to teach them how to do this, they just instinctively can. What that means to me is that journeying outside of your body is a natural process that somehow we have “unlearned” through our upbringing and strict social conventions. When my dog stopped vibrating I mentally asked her to take me along the next time.

I really enjoyed the class. I connected with everyone in our group and made some new friends.  It was a fun and very rewarding experience.

15.)  Cindy is sincere, truly gifted and to have a reading with her is like feeling like she has known you your entire life. Cindy has the gift of tapping into Spirit and will make you feel at ease almost immediately.

She is one of the biggest hearted people that I know, a true Empath and she will always have your best interests at heart.
I have had the priveldge of witnessing person after person have a reading with Cindy and be amazed with how she connected with them and helped them on their journey.
I would recommend a reading with Cindy for anyone who wants to get a good grip on where they are heading.
Jodi Cross

The Cat, The Book and The Candle

16.) You are an awesome teacher! You have a very wonderful and natural way of making others feel at ease and comfortable right away which I think is so important and great. You add a sense of laid back fun to your lessons & your reiki classes are small which I think really adds to a more personal learning environment.

Your Reiki Level one class has really changed a lot of things for me and opened amazing new doors with more to come. At some point in 2011, I would like to take your Shamballa class too 🙂 The more I learn the better 🙂

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