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House Clearing / Smudging

What is a house clearing/smudging?

Healers often recommend smudging to change the “energy” of a place after an event has happened, such a death, or even an argument. Smudging after an argument would be done to clear the air, quite literally.

Smudging is used for energy that is stuck or if you feel a energy of someone still in the home.

Certain herbs are used to clear a home or office of clogged or negitive energy.  The  healer’s energies are used also to cleasnse.

Why do people have a house clearing/smudging.

Some people have their space cleansed due to the feelings they get in their home, objects are being moved, appliances keep breaking down, and they would like to clear their new home after moving in.

Fee’s for a clearning. $60 an hour plus travel time.

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