This is such a great idea and l have been doing it for awhile and wanted to share. When we are trying to making changes in our lives and wish to keep track of these changes, here is a great way to keep track. Get a calendar with space to make notations each day. When you would like to become aware of particular behaviour, mark the calendar each time that you engage in the behaviour. At the end of each day, each week and or each month, add up how many times you engaged in the targeted behaviour. Note any accompanying facts, for example, where you were at that time, who you were with or any other relevant details. You can chart negative behaviours you are trying to decrease or positive ones you are trying to increase. After a period of time has elapsed, review the data you have gathered. Notice any patterns that may emerge. This is a awesome way to make so many changes in our lives. This idea came from the book “Buddhism in ten”.

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