Crystal  Rainbows Conscious Creations

 Cindy is offering Art workshops for soul creation and Art Healing.

Some of the  workshops that Cindy will be offering are:
·          Crystal healing wands which include fairy wands, goddess wands, chakra wands
·          meditation therapy mandalas
·          crystal pebble therapy mandalas
·          stained glass mosaic therapy mandala
·          manifesting with mandalas
·          quilt mandalas
·          water colour batiks
·          stained glass workshops
·          visionary art vision boards
As Cindy is guided, she will be offering other workshops as well.You don’t need to be artisic at all to do any of the workshops. Just allow your creation to be born in each workshop. Price and dates will be announced soon.*









Prices will include all material needed. Most of the workshop will be for Children and Adults. Be the first to join these awesome and inspiring workshops.

Date: July 11th 2012 – Time: 6:30pm until 9pm

**Crystalrainbows consious creations Fairy wand workshop. Investment: $30 and this includes all material (crystals, beads, feathers, charms, ribbon, glitter, wire, etc) Location: :Unity Centre



What is a fairy wand workshop? This workshop is making your own fairy wand to bring peace, balance, attracting fairies and healing from your fairy wand. Each wand is spiritual lead with a meditation to guide you on making your fairy wand and how you can connect intuitively. Learn from your Spiritual world, and Nature by using your creative side. This workshop is for all ages.




What are mandalas?




Mandala Art Activity For Self-Discovery And Healing 
The core of mandala designs is the circle and while doing a guided meditation we allow our creative instincts to guide us on what our guides are directing us to put inside the circle. there are no rules or constrictions with regard to mandala designs. You can do whatever strikes you. In fact, it’s encouraged to let your feelings inspire your mandala art and designs. Your finished mandala will represent and reflect who you were at the time of creation. If you want, you can give your mandala a title and date of creation. Let Your Feelings, Emotions and guides to Inspire You.
Why you should take a mandala art thearpy workshop. We should all take a mandala workshop to inspire our creative side while also understanding our feelings. What do our mandala creations have to say to us? Mandala’s are our personal symbols of reflection. You will also discover how to:• Connect with your true self beyond the ego• Construct luminous mandalas that express divinity• Experience the flow of pure love to heal the heart and soul• Improve you life• Appreciate and deepen your connection to nature’s healing energies

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