Cindy has been teaching many workshops for the past 8 years. Some of her more popular ones include: Psychic development workshop. Reiki level’s 1-3. Shamballa 1-4. Animal Reiki. Conscious Creation Art. Pendulum for beginners. Connecting with your Angels.


Crystal grid workshop is set for February 202015

Crystal grid: 12 by 12 inch Crystal grid.
What is a Crystal grid table? It is made from a sacred geometric pattern and crystal chips. Crystal grids are used to empower our energy and attract all the things we wish for in our lives. They can also be used as an alter, meditation, sending energy out to self and others, healing energy and so much more.
You can google crystal grids if you wish to find more information.
Date: February 28st, 2015
Time: 10:30 am until 4:30 pm (please bring snacks, lunch and water.) The cost of this class is very reasonable considering the things needed to make it. Materials provided are:
• 12 by 12 frame
• All the crystals needed to make the crystal grid
• Grid patterns (you pick yours)
• Well bond glue that dries clear
Total investment is $110
You will also need to pay ½ a non-refundable deposit as a lot of material will need to be ordered.
You will also need to pick out your grid pattern so l can have it enlarged.
Don’t miss this healing and inspiring class.
One of a kind creation that will last you a life time.
Here are some photo’s of others who have done the classes.

Beginners psychic development workshop
This group is now full from Jan. to April of 2015. Thank you
This workshop is 4 month workshop, one Saturday a month.
New dates will be added for Sept of 2015.
Please contact me to be put on the waiting list.
Investment is $175 and a $100 deposit will be needed to hold you spot.
What can you expect from this workshop:
1.      Who is psychic?
2.      How to meditate
3.      Why are you a unawakened psychic?
4.      Working out blockages
5.      Your psychic self
6.      Energy bodies
7.      Affirmations
8.      Inner growth
9.      Psychic attacks and proteting yourself
10.  Learning to work with a pendulum, cards, psychometry, candle flaming…
11.  Your intutive self
12.  Chakra’s
13.  How to give readings
14.  Building self esteem
Advanced psychic development workshop.
New dates TBA.
Investment is $175 and a $100 deposit will be needed to hold your spot.
What can you expect from this workshop:
1.      Learning to do distant readings
2.      Breaking the connection with the person your reading.
3.      More candle flaming work.
4.      Working more with psychometry
5.      Energy work
6.      Increasing your sensitivity
7.      ‘3rd eye’ chakra development
8.      Angelic energy
9.      Psychokinesis
10.  Automatic writing
11.  Psychic art
12.  Manifestation
13.  Past lives
14.  Trance mediumship
You will need to have done your beginners psychic development workshop before taking this workshop.

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